Timeline: Loading Scenes

Ryan McCoach
2 min readDec 8, 2023


We are going to cover how to load the next scene in your Unity project using Timeline. This is great for creating a cutscene that ends the scene and will automatically load the next.

This will use a loading bar I previous wrote about and you can find below.


In the timeline window, click on the thumbtack icon to open up the marker tracker.

Right click on the marker track and add a Signal Emitter.

Click on the Signal Emitter marker and you will create a signal to emit.

The Signal Receiver will be the script you want to access when the Timeline reaches the signal on the timeline. This is my LevelManager script that will handle the loading bar and next scene and has a string parameter which allows you to type in the name of the scene you want to load.

Make sure the method that handles the scene loading is public, so the signal receiver can access it.