Ledge Grab System: Part 1


In this article, we are going to get started on implementing a ledge grab system. This system will take the completion of several parts and in this first part we are downloading the animation and setting up a ledge grab checker to the player.


In Mixamo, we will download this hanging idle animation.

Make sure the format is set to FBX for Unity.

In animation settings, change the animation type to Humanoid and make sure to hit apply.

Next, we will need to duplicate the animation and organize it into our Animation folder. We will set the Loop Time, Bake Into Pose for all of the Root Transforms true.

Dragging the Hanging Idle animation into the Animator window. We will create a Trigger parameter and create a transition from Any State to the Hanging Idle animation. The transition Condition will be the LedgeGrab trigger. This will be used for testing purposes and to help us setup the ledge grab checker.

Ledge Grab Checker

We are going to create a Cube, make it a child of the Player and rename it Ledge_Grab_Checker.

In Play Mode, we will trigger the Hanging Idle animation, resize and reposition the Ledge Grab Checker so it fits into the hands.

Since we have been working in Play Mode, as soon as we exit out of it, we will lose all of the data. So, we will make the Player a prefab and this will allow use to keep the updates when we exit out of Play Mode by deleting the previous Player and uploading the Prefab into the scene.


This is just the start of the ledge grab system, but we imported the necessary animation and setup the game object that will check for the ledge grab. Stay tune for part 2.



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