3D Level Design: Using Decals in Unity


In this article, we are going to cover how to create and use Decals in Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline. Decals are materials that are projected onto other objects in the game scene.

Create A Decal

In the hierarchy, you will select Rendering and a new Decal Projector.

The Decal Projector will require a Material and…

the material will need to use the HDRP/Decal shader. Then you can apply the base color map, normal map and mask map.

Using a Decal

The Decal Projector is like a spotlight that will project the decal material into a projection box.

The decal projector is a game object, so it can be rotate and moved to get the projection of the decal to appear the way you want.

The beauty of the decal projection is its ability to wrap around spherical objects since it is being projected.

Decals can add great detail to your game scene without costing you performance since the decals are 2D materials.



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